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Box of 10 Beeswax Candles

109 kr

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Beautiful and natural candles made from 100% bee wax from Ovo Things. Bee wax is free from toxins, and is a completely natural product, approved to come into contact with food. You may therefore place the candles directly in the – cooled – cake or bun, and you are ready to celebrate. 

The candles are handmade in Lithuania, using bee wax from a nearby farm. The bee wax is completely natural and without any added chemicals, colours or scents. The wicks are made from 100% cotton. 

Each box contains 10 candles with different coloured wicks. 

Always keep an eye on burning candles, with or without children nearby. 

Measurements: Diameter 5 mm x length 125 mm.

Ready for immediate shipment from our warehouse in Denmark. 

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