Wet Wipe Cover, Collection 1

249 kr

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Color: Blue Checkered

Handcrafted fabric covers for wet wipes, Kleenex or other small items, made from vintage textiles. Exclusively for STUDIO MINI. 

Beautiful covers made from vintage fabrics from the Danish brand Barnekammer. They instantly make the wet wipes package or the Kleenex box look pretty. Use it by the changing table, in the kitchen, by your bed or where there is a need for a wet wipe or a Kleenex. The covers may also be used to store cotton pads, hair bands, brushes, etc.

All covers are sown by hand in Denmark, and made from durable, vintage fabric. We have 5 different prints available. Limited stock.

Measurements: These covers fit a regular size wet wipe package and Kleenex box.

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